The engineering firm Cordonier & Rey was founded in 1979. Thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of its founders, the company has grown steadily for more than 40 years throughout the Valais.

Our company has been ISO 9001 certified for all its activities since 1996. This quality assurance system guarantees and improves the quality of our products and services.

Since 2014, a new generation of engineers has been leading the company, which continues to evolve in the main fields of civil engineering and geomatics. The integration of new technologies and the specialization of employees is at the centre of the company's development strategy. In 2020, a new branch was opened in Sion.

The engineering office Cordonier & Rey has become a company with an excellent reputation and employs about twenty people. It has set itself the primary goal of satisfying its customers by providing them with quality services that meet their requirements.


ISO 9001+14001 & Valais Excellence certification
Certification ISO 9001


Opening of a Sion branch
Certification ISO 9001


The company becomes Cordonier & Rey LLC


Transition of the company to Pierre-Cédric Cordonier and Yves Rey
Certification ISO 9001Certification ISO 9001


ISO 9001 certification
Certification ISO 9001


Construction of the the present day head quarters in Sierre
3 Bueau 1992


Gilles Rey joins the company and N. Cordonier & G. Rey LLC is created
2 Gilles Rey


Founded by Nicolas Cordonier
1 Nicolas Cordonier